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Balance U Logo

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

Education: the foundation of everything. In the years I’ve spent devoting energy to helping people achieve optimal wellness, what I’ve found is that at the end of the day, if I help someone achieve such wellness and they are ignorant to the facets of their lifestyle that brought them to me in the first place, they will simply return to this unchanged lifestyle and we both will be back at square one. My end goal has shifted from helping and treating, to educating and healing.


“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.” - James Thurber

Awareness: the first step toward change. Whether I’m delivering a presentation to a large crowd or speaking with someone one-on-one during wellness coaching, the first thing that occurs is the creation of awareness around Integrative Medicine and the type of work that I do; around holistic wellness and the type of health I’m striving to help people achieve; and around lifestyle enhancement so people are clear on the fact that their day-to-day choices have a huge impact on the presence (or absence) of disease.


“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.” - Steve Maraboli

Self-Empowerment: taking control of your life through a positive lens. Our bodies were designed with powerful healing capabilities. We each have the ability to take control of our health; we were not created to experience chronic pain or to be controlled by disease. The key to knowing how to enhance your body’s healing capabilities is your exposure to proper resources and tools designed to empower you to do this on a daily basis.


Health is a large word.  It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well;…and not today's pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a man. - James West

Balance: the harmonious order between your physical, mental, spiritual and financial wellness.  It’s been my utmost pleasure to team up with Mr. Octavais Walton and Dr. Oluseun Olufade in order to bring you Balance U, a wellness educational business within Returning to Nature! Through this nine-week seminar series, Balance U presents practical steps to help participants achieve a healthy balance of mental, physical, spiritual and financial wellness. Help us achieve our mission to educate, raise awareness and promote self-empowerment around holistic health. Help us achieve our mission to Balance U!


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[CLICK HERE for more info on Balance U, LLC.]

Take care and be sure to stay tuned to the website for more wellness blog posts!


Katherine Igah-Phillips, MD, MHA

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Balance U, LLC. | www.abalanceu.com

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crna kumina olje crne kumine

Black seed oil is one of those oils that can help you in almost any way, whether you are trying to lose weight, increase your hair length and thickness, reduce inflammation, etc. It’s one of my favorite oils and definitely a must-have in your household. Let’s explore why…

Oil History

When considering the plants in nature that have incredible healing properties, black seed oil (also known as black cumin seed oil) falls amongst the most effective on the planet! Black seed oil is made from the seeds of the Nigella Sativa plant (native to Asia), and has a lot of historical value. The first recorded use of it was during the King Tut era in Ancient Egypt (it’s believed that Cleopatra used it for her skin and hair). Hippocrates also used it to reverse digestive issues, as it is traditionally known for its potent anti-inflammatory qualities. In fact, research up until now has determined that there is not another herb known to possess such a wide range of healing capabilities. Let’s consider a few conditions it can impact…

Weight Loss

Research is rapidly surfacing now illustrating just how extraordinary it is for weight loss by decreasing weight gain triggers (it can have an appetite curbing effect), boosting the metabolism, and providing a high dosage of antioxidants. Black seed oil is also very rich in fatty acids which aid in transporting fat out of the body, thus increasing your “good cholesterol” and decreasing your “bad cholesterol”. It can also enhance the quality of your digestive system, boosting your body’s ability to utilize all of the nutrients it absorbs properly, and stimulate proper waste elimination. Finally, black seed oil can also help to lower and maintain blood sugar levels, which could come in handy when trying to decrease your cravings for carbs and sugar.  

Inflammation Reduction

The potent antioxidant properties of black seed oil definitely contribute to it being a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. This means that it could strongly impact any inflammatory condition (i.e. heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, cancers, wound healing, psoriasis, acne, alopecia, aging symptoms, and so much more). Its potent antioxidant properties are thanks to its powerful phytochemicals (i.e. mainly thymoquinone) that inhibit the production and activity of inflammatory elements, while at the same time boosting the immune system to do what it was originally designed to do much more efficiently.

Hair Enhancement

For those looking for another option to go along with (or to take a break from) the forever glorified coconut oil, here you go! In fact, black seed oil is unlike coconut (and even olive oil) due to the main fact that it is an essential oil. Maybe your hair is just a little unhealthy with some shedding, breakage and missing edges…or maybe you have full blown alopecia/hair loss…either way, this oil is great for you because it could greatly relieve your scalp and get deep within the roots of your hair to cause transformation. Typically, all you need to do is apply it on the affected areas of your head (or beard area for men) regularly for a few weeks, and you should begin to see improvement in your hair thickness and overall health. In fact, due to the anti-inflammatory qualities you just read about above, a lot of research has proven black seed oil to be one of the most effective ways to tackle hair loss. Even for those with perfectly fine hair aiming for maintenance, black seed oil is extremely hydrating for the hair, and can be applied to soften, moisturize and promote a healthy shine.

Oil Source

Where should you buy your black seed oil? Which manufacturer should you trust? What black seed oil properties are best? Is it cold pressed? How pure is the oil? What dosage should I follow? So many things to consider when ordering your first oil supply…wouldn’t want to waste your time and money, right? If you are interested in obtaining black seed oil you can trust and that comes highly recommended, feel free to reach out to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, if you have any questions in general about black seed oil that were not addressed in this reading, feel free to reach out to me as well.

Be sure to stay tuned to the website for more wellness blog posts!


Katherine Igah-Phillips, MD, MHA

Returning to Nature, LLC.


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IV Nutrient therapy is definitely one of my top favorites in the realm of natural therapies. It is also gaining popularity quickly within the Integrative Medicine community. Now, you may be wondering what exactly is involved in IV Nutrient Therapy, but it is much simpler than you think. It is just what its name conveys…vitamins, minerals and other nutrients being administered directly into your bloodstream (intravenously infused) through an IV drip. I bet now you’re wondering just how safe this is. Well, not only is this therapy safe, but it also provides tons of amazing health benefits whether you are reversing or preventing symptoms and disease!

So, for those of you wondering what the big deal is about the IV route of administration, let me explain. Normally, you take in the majority of the nutrients in your body from your diet. In other words, the nutrients are consumed and dispersed to your cells via the process of digestion. Whether it’s the food on your dinner plate or the vitamin tablets you swallowed, everything is broken down and passed into your bloodstream. This entire process is managed by your gastrointestinal system which, when in good shape, powers through all of this very efficiently like a well-oiled machine. However, suppose your gastrointestinal system was not in good shape? Maybe you have gut-related health issues or disease. Maybe your digestion is just a little weak, preventing you from properly processing high concentrations of a nutrient. Maybe you have no idea about the current state of your digestive system. There are many variables when it comes to how effectively you are breaking down and absorbing the nutrients on a daily basis, and that’s exactly where the IV route of administration comes into play! Nutrients that are infused directly into the bloodstream via IV actually bypass the entire gastrointestinal system, and are then delivered right to the source (your cells) by your blood. In other words, you are receiving nutrients at much higher doses, in their full potency and purity at a cellular level.

Another common question I get asked about IV Nutrient Therapy has to do with what the side effects are. Again, in general, IV Nutrient Therapy is very safe and poses minimal if any negative side effects. Also, one of the amazing benefits of bypassing the digestive tract is that you also get to bypass all of the side effects that are typically related to oral administration, like upset stomach, diarrhea, etc. Lastly, just make sure that you are receiving your IV Nutrient Therapy from a trained and experienced professional, so that other issues caused by the IV administration itself are minimized or completely avoided. For instance, the speed at which the IV is administered plays an important role in the avoidance of dizziness, light headedness, decreased blood pressure, etc.

I’m sure that by now you are wondering if you are a candidate for receiving IV Nutrient Therapy. Well, the good news is that you more than likely are! I say this because IV Nutrient Therapy is great not only for battling/reversing a long list of health conditions, but also for healthy individuals in need of an overall health boost and disease prevention methods! IV Nutrient Therapy is amazing at addressing conditions like chronic fatigue, chronic pain and fibromyalgia, heart disease, infections, anti-aging, headaches, cancer, autoimmune disease, poor detoxification, cold/flu, seasonal allergies, increased stress, etc. Pretty much anything that can be improved with increased nutrient absorption and balancing can be addressed with IV Nutrient Therapy.

Still wondering if this is for you? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out if you’re a good candidate for this therapy, and if so, when you can begin treatment!

Also, be sure to stay tuned to the website for more wellness blog posts!


Katherine Igah-Phillips, MD, MHA

Returning to Nature, LLC.


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thuc pham dinh duong cho trai tim cua ban 5

As many of you may already know, I’m always speaking and writing about the importance of eating a COLORFUL diet. This is something that’s very important to me because I know so many people (including myself in the past) who eat the same vegetable or same color vegetable for dinner night after night; or the same fruit or same color fruit for breakfast morning after morning. It’s wonderful that you are incorporating fruits and veggies into your daily diet, because I do realize that there are some who do not eat them at all. However, in an attempt to take things up a notch, you can consider a variety of ways to take your diet to the next level. For instance, you can be more intentional about making sure that the produce is organic; or you can be more intentional about making a larger percentage of your meals/plates comprised of veggies; or (the subject of today’s blog) you can be more intentional about consistently incorporating more colors into your daily meals.

Why is this so important?

Eating a burst of colors on your plate not only provides visual stimulation with the eye candy, but it also allows you to take in a variety of nutrients necessary for the systems of your body to function optimally. In fact, this is extremely important because each individual color is that color for a reason – it carries a specific vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, etc. to naturally nourish your body and help fight or prevent disease! For instance, the most popular color that comes to mind when you say the word “vegetable” is green, because included in the long list of anti-cancerous elements and nutrients found in these veggies are potassium, dietary fiber, folate, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Another color example would be the blue/purple foods. Foods that are blue, purple and even crimson are gaining popularity due to the fact that they contain flavonoids, which are beneficial to our health because they may contribute to the maintenance of proper brain function and blood flow. 

What is the challenge?

Now that you’ve read about this, it’s time to take action in two ways. First, share this information! People are always looking for ways to enhance their health, so help someone else to benefit from this information the way that you just did. Secondly, think for a second about your go-to breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Are you picking up on any color patterns? Is there a color you seem to gravitate towards when selecting your fruits, veggies, grains, beans, legumes, seeds, etc.? Most importantly, make note of the color(s) you notice you have been avoiding. Pick one, and make note of which nutritious foods are that color. At some point this week, go buy that food and prepare it for you and your family. Feel free to Google special recipes incorporating this food so that you may experience it in a different way than you already may have. This is important, because majority of the times that I am told that someone “hates” a certain food, it typically ends up having to do with the way that food was prepared, perhaps when they were younger or even just the last time they ate it.

Need additional assistance?

Keep this pattern going! Each time you do your grocery shopping, pick up a color that you haven’t experienced in the last few days. Also, as you are selecting colors, please don’t forget my favorite – black! For more information on why black foods are my favorite and what they do for your body, feel free to read my blog called “Black is the New Green”!

As you’re selecting new fruits, veggies, grains, beans, legumes, seeds, etc., if you ever have any questions about their health benefits, their disease-fighting qualities, how they should be prepared/consumed, other foods of that particular color, etc. feel free to reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, if you want to do it the other way around, that it fine too (i.e. if you have a particular disease or symptom, and would like to know which color would impact your ailment the most), just reach out to me and we can talk about how to use your food as medicine!

Be sure to stay tuned to the website for more wellness blog posts!


Katherine Igah-Phillips, MD, MHA

Returning to Nature, LLC.


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Functional Medicine Nutrition

I get so excited about nutrition, because the saying that “you are what you eat” is definitely not just a cliché. It bears so much truth, and deserves this month to get that point across to as many people as possible. No matter what you are trying to do, whether it’s lose weight, gain weight, fight disease, prevent disease, etc., what you put into your mouth will govern well over 50% of that outcome! Every facet of your health is affected by what you eat…your immune system, your mood, your energy levels, your skin health, etc. In fact, there's definitely a reason why you may tend to feel “sluggish” after eating a heavy, processed meal (often labeled as being “The Itis”). Our bodies have a difficult time breaking down this type of “food”, and on top of that, there's usually little to no nutritional value gained from that meal.

I applaud those of you who have been making changes to alter your diets for the better! I understand that it’s not easy to pull away from some of your staple meals or food items that may not be the healthiest for you. I also understand how difficult it can be to maintain such healthy changes while living in a society where body image tends to be over emphasized. This dramatization of the human physique makes it even more difficult to avoid the overwhelming amount of diet and weight loss programs out there promising the lightning speed shedding of your extra pounds. That’s why I will continue to take a stand for educating and providing true information on good nutrition!

It can be tricky knowing were to begin your diet adjustments. What should be removed first? What should be incorporated? What do all of these lifestyles people are taking on mean (i.e. vegan, paleo, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc.)? In an effort to always support you on your wellness journey, I have a few nutrition-related surprises for you that I will be announcing throughout the remainder of March in honor of National Nutrition Month! If you’re on social media, stay tuned for Returning to Nature’s Facebook and Instagram posts of nutrition tips, diet changes you can try, etc. Also, be sure to stay tuned to the website for more wellness blog posts!


Katherine Igah-Phillips, MD, MHA

Returning to Nature, LLC.


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